New Video: Krewella, 'Live For The Night' (NSFW)

Watch Krewella's new video "Live For The Night."

Krewella's new video, "Live For The Night," is giving us a huge case of the "I want to go to theres."

If you're not familiar with the Chicago-based EDM troublemakers Krewella, then OH MY GOD PLEASE GET ACQUAINTED. Songwriting vocalist sisters Yasmine and Jahan, along with their producer Rain Man, have just unleashed "Live For The Night," the ultimate synth-pumped, bass-thumping ode to GO-WING-HARD. Along with being a prime pick for any #RAGE playlist, the track makes for the ultimate #UpOutMyFaceFtNickiMinaj move the next time some morning person tries to brag about their a.m.-abledness. "Oh, it's 9 a.m., and you've managed to squeeze in a morning jog and still had time to curate your autumn dream board? Oh, how interesting." *BLASTS KREWELLA*

Watch Krewella's "Live For The Night" video after the jump.

Directed by Aggressive (aka Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro), the clip opens on a world where everyone has been transformed into a screen zombie, every pair of glazed-over eyes glued to a smartphone or computer monitor. To save the day, Krewella breaks into the local power plant and cuts all power to the town, forcing the slumbering masses to all meet up for a revitalizing dance party -- with some suspicious cops trailing the crew the whole time. It's all very "Pied Piper" or "Bye Bye Birdie: EDM Edition." NGL, we were kinda hoping a cyborg-ified Paul Lynde was gonna pop out near the end, take one glance at the rager, and utter in a robotic monotone, "BEEP BOOP, Kids." COME ON, it could have happened.

Totally hooked? Krewella's also got this Get Wet Live tour coming up (shocked that Gallagher didn't have that trademarked, TBH), which kicks off on Sept. 5 in Chi-Town and will feature some cray-cray construction known only as: "THE VOLCANO." BWARGH. Later that month, be on the lookout for Krewella's debut studio album, Get Wet, which hits shelves on Sept. 24.

+ Watch Krewella's "Live For The Night" video (NSFW).

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