Go Behind The Scenes Of One Direction's British GQ Cover Shoot! (VIDEO)

Go behind-the-scenes of One Direction's now controversial GQ Shoot!

Go behind the scenes of One Direction's (vaguely controversial) British GQ cover shoot!

In case you didn't already know, British GQ had the BRILLIANT idea of featuring One Direction in their September issue, and even gave each stunning boy their own cover. And now, because British GQ seems keen on furthering their Twitter death threats our 1D heart palpitations, it's just released this juicy/dapper/painfully handsome behind-the-scenes video of the guys' cover shoot! Which not only enables us to feel like we were at the shoot, but it also helps us to pretend we're (a) dating Niall, or (b) Harry's makeup artist. Either one would be fine.

Go behind the scenes of One Direction's British GQ cover shoot after the jump.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, the "Kiss You" singers are all decked in black as they primp, prep, and pop their collars (we're looking at you, Niall). Now, one would think that Directioners the world over would be suuuuuuper happy with British GQ for not only for providing five new cutouts for their presumed 1D shrines, but also for this insider look at the bros getting all dapper. But apparently all's not well in 1D paradise: Thanks to some racy interview questions and magazine cover headlines, 1D Stans are, how shall we say, EFFING PISSED at British GQ for the way they portrayed the boys. Apparently the tagline accompanying Harry's solo cover, "He's up all night to get lucky," is NOT COOL, BRO.

Naturally, fans have taken to Twitter to show their erhhhm, "feelings" (aka some tweets straight threaten the lives of British GQ editors). Uuuuh, so that in mind, we'll just stop the commentary right here and let y'all decide whether or not you found British GQ's 1D profiles inappropriate. (#LoversNotFighters) We'll just be over here watching and re-watching footage of 1D popping their collars. Everyone likes popped peacoat collars, right? It's kind of like the sartorial equivalent to chocolate chip cookies?

+ Go behind the scenes of One Direction's British GQ cover shoot.

Photo credit: British GQ