Star Spotting: Justin Bieber, What The Fawkes Is Going On With That Mask?! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber's Guy Fawkes mask is totally creepy, right?

Anyone else kinda creeped out by Justin Bieber in a Guy Fawkes mask?!

Wait, what's that? How do we know that this is Justin Bieber for sure? Well, duh, he's got the Biebs' signature saggy pants and tough-guy tattoos on display. Always remember to look for those two clues! But if all else fails, you can always identify him by taking off his shirt and verifying the curves of his muscles like you're dusting for fingerprints. What, are we the only ones who have every single one of Justin's muscle definitions memorized? Whatever, there is literally zero chance you're going to make us feel bad about our STUNNING ACHIEVEMENT.

Anyway, we can only think of four reasons why Justin Bieber -- seen here arriving at his New York hotel after a performance in Jersey -- would decide to wear a Guy Fawkes mask: Either (a) he finally got around to watching "V for Vendetta," or (b) Justin's officially starting a mask collection, and he's proudly showing off his first acquisition. Or (C) he's co-signing Anonymous? Most likely, however, (d) the "Right Here" singer wore the creepy faux Fawkes look to throw off the paparazzi who, per usual, were bombarding him from all sides. (Hey, that tactic kinda worked for Katy Perry!) We just hope his mask thing blows over soon because it kinda defeats the purpose of being so handsome. NOBODY that flawlessly good-looking should ever have to cover their face. EVERRRR!

Photo credit: Splash News