Song Premiere: The Swellers, 'Should'

Listen to The Swellers' "Should."

The Swellers keep the pop-punk revival going in their new song, "Should."

Sure, it might be getting trendier these days, but in reality, pop punk has been alive and well ever since its inception. One of the bands quietly plying their pop-punk trade (although you might not call 1 million plus views on their videos "quiet") is Flint, Mich.'s The Swellers.

The band, whose last two records made waves on Fueled By Ramen, is set to release their fourth LP, The Light Under Closed Doors, this October on No Sleep Records. As drummer Jonathan Diener told us, the more things change, the more things stay the same, which is especially true of the band's brand-new single, "Should."

Listen to should and read an interview with Diener after the jump.

According to Diener, "Should" and the rest of the album -- which the band produced themselves and recorded with Marc Hudson at Rancho Recordo studios in Fenton, Mich., and Mark Michalik in Chicago -- is emblematic of the more intense direction the band has taken with their signature melodic, emotional, high-octane punk. "Sonically and thematically, the song goes perfectly with the rest of the album. It's a nice middle ground. In comparison to our last full-length, Good For Me, this new album is much more raw and gritty," he said. "When you get to the slower songs you can still bang your head to them. I think the emotion shows much more on this release compared to the last decade we've had as a band. We started out a fast, punk-rock band and over time started focusing more on melody and emotion than speed. It's very fulfilling."

Perhaps not so fulfilling, however, is going through some emotional ups and downs in your personal life. Not unless you get a song out of them, that is. "[Should]" was written at a pretty strange time in my life," Diener said. "It's about trying to find out the type of person you really are and the guilt that comes with acting out of character. The whole situation I was in eerily reflected a scene from the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I had to keep the parallels going. Long story short, I learned my lesson and see things a bit clearer now."

"I give up/ I know things won't get better/ Closed the door and talked about the weather," Jonathan's brother, vocalist and guitarist Nick sings on "Should."  It's a visceral, melodic sound that would fit in well with other pop-punk revivalists like The Wonder Years and The Story So Far.

"There is most definitely a resurgence in the pop-punk scene," Diener said. "So many bands are blowing up, whether they worked hard for years or just were at the right place at the right time. That's how it's always been for any style of music. We've been this band strangely in the middle of everything and it's cool seeing some doors open up for bands like us. We were never too poppy or too heavy. We're just The Swellers. That's how we want to be known."

Pre-order The Swellers' upcoming LP, The Light Under Closed Doors, here.

+ Listen to The Swellers' "Should."

Photo credit: No Sleep Records