New Song: Cut Copy, 'Let Me Show You'

Listen to Cut Copy's new song "Let Me Show You."

Cut Copy finally returns with a killer new song: "Let Me Show You."

GUYS, CUT COPY IS BACK. Hang on... *Deep breath*... Still nerding out over here. Our favorite Aussie indie-dance heroes have officially dropped "Let Me Show You," the lead single off of the band's follow-up to 2011's Zonoscope. The group released the track as a short-run vinyl single at Pitchfork Music Festival -- viral marketing! -- but this is the internet's first listen to the real deal.

Listen to Cut Copy's "Let Me Show You" after the jump.

The track's all squiggly keyboards and disco drums, riding a medium-paced groove that's just fast enough to dance to at Coachella without passing out. "Let me show you/ Let me show you love," singer Dan Whitford pleads on the hook. (Go for it, dude.) The 6-minute track continues in the extended-cut style of Zonoscope, launching an instrumental break halfway in that stacks the track up like layer cake. It's so good, even Daft Punk wants a slice.

The band's been airing out new material lately, premiering "Explorers" at a June concert in Charlottesville, Va., though we're still waiting on an actual release date for their fourth album (out no doubt on Modular). In the meantime, Cut Copy's debut, Bright Like Neon Love, is available on vinyl thanks to a Record Store Day release. Might as well pick up In Ghost Colours, too -- you're going to need it in 30 years when your kids ask you what the best album of 2008 was.

+ Listen to Cut Copy's "Let Me Show You."

Photo credit: Modular