Video Premiere: Said The Whale, 'I Love You'

Watch Said The Whale's "I Love You" music video.

Said The Whale get x-treme in their "I Love You" music video.

When Vancouver's Said The Whale sat down to conceptualize their "I Love You" video, they must've had a really entertaining debate over which extreme sport to tackle. Should they do an indie-pop homage to "Global Guts," "Legends Of The Hidden Temple," or maybe "X Games"? NO. There can be only one winner: "Sasuke"!! Oh, what's "Sasuke"? Also known as "Ninja Warrior," it's only the most entertaining Japanese sports television, and it generally features many fearless competitors tackling a multilevel, water-based obstacle course. Sometimes with terrible English overdubbing.

Watch Said The Whale's "I Love You" video after the jump.

Built around a semi-dangerous-looking obstacle course, the Harv-directed clip is a totally tongue-in-cheek, LOL-filled, dirty-joke montage of wet 'n' wild water action and complete "Most Extreme Sports" parody, which is kind of a parody of a parody when you think about it. And, of course, Said The Whale participate in and provide the backing track for some serious (and not-so-serious) EXTREME ZANY SPORTS AND POO JOKES!

Not even the gratuitously campy visuals and double entendres can upstage the song's irresistible sugar rush of a hook. Let the games begin... I think!?

Said The Whale's I Love You EP is currently out via Hidden Pony/Caroline Records. Make sure to grab their upcoming full-length disc, hawaii, when it drops Sept. 17.

+ Watch Said The Whale's "I Love You" video.

Photo credit: Brian Van Wyk