Rita Ora Sails Through Times Square On The Hood Of A Taxi Because She CAN (PHOTO)

Rita Ora travels through NYC on the hood of a taxi!

Rita Ora knows EXACTLY how to hail an NYC taxi.

Our minds are officially blown -- we've been taking taxi rides wrong all this time!! In addition to showing off her totally on-point Captain Jack Sparrow impression, Rita Ora knows that the only real way to take in New York City sights is to ride on the hood of a taxi cab. Forget double-decker buses and guided museum tours -- we're jumping on the next cab we see! Except, um... J/K! You should NEVER ride on the hood of a taxi, because (a) NYC taxi drivers are not exactly known for obeying the rules of the road (or taking you to Brooklyn), which could result in (b) your untimely taxi-hood-riding death. #SCURRRED.

The "Torn Apart" signer shared her taxi ride moment on Instagram along with the caption, "Little sneak peek #DKNY" Ohhh, so this is actually just a DNKY photo shoot and not Rita establishing the next Planking/Owling/ Horsemaning/Milking/Will Vadering/HADOKEN-ing trend. Like, "cab sailing" or something. (THANK GOD, 'cause we really can't keep up with this stuff.) Nope, Rita's actually working on a promotional video for DNKY's streetwear-inspired clothing! Well, we can't think of a better way to promote a business and yourself than by reminding the world that you're fashionable, street-smart, and perfectly able to catch a cab in one of the busiest intersections ever. #Props

Photo credit: @ritaora