New Song: The Weeknd, 'Love In The Sky'

Listen to The Weeknd's "Love In The Sky."

The Weeknd is back with a stormy new song, "Love In The Sky."

Like lips just brushing against your face, The Weeknd's Kiss Land is almost upon us. Our body is ready. New single "Love in the Sky" finds the R&B singer getting dramatic: "We'll find our love in the sky!" he wails in falsetto as the track fills with clouds of synth strings and Timbaland-esque drums. It gives the track the feel of Justin Timberlake's "My Love," but The Weeknd goes way darker than JT ever would: "Ain't no time to f*** slow," he adds, which is funny because the song's only about 115 BPM.

Listen to The Weeknd's "Love In The Sky" after the jump.

The Weeknd -- aka vocalist Abel Tesfaye -- also promises to provide sexual satisfaction "two or three times in a row," which, um, appreciate the options, dude. Thought you were in a rush! The sexy lines come in the song's closing segue, with his vulnerable vocals over thunder, rain sounds and a tangled electric guitar part. If stormy weather is your thing, the Weeknd's Kiss Land -- his second major label album following the EP collection Trilogy -- is due Sept. 10. Bring an umbrella and some scented candles.

+ Listen to The Weeknd's "Love in the Sky."

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