New Video: Tinie Tempah Featuring 2 Chainz, 'Trampoline'

Tinie Tempah and 2 Chainz collaborate on "Trampoline."

Tinie Tempah and 2 Chainz experiment with Jell-O in their "Trampoline" video.

What do you get when Tinie Tempah and 2 Chainz team up to rhyme over a Diplo-produced beat? A video called "Trampoline" that features a lot of coffee and Jell-O! (#AnythingButPredictable). Slated to appear on Tinie's sophomore LP, Demonstration, "Trampoline" is sonically grimy and gritty, but the video rocks a slick, colorful, chock full o' hot babes visual masterpiece that could only be fit for two badass kings of hip-hop. But again, what did you expect? A video montage of lush greenery?

Watch Tinie Tempah's "Trampoline" video featuring 2 Chainz after the jump.

Taking a cue from the slew of totally random images in Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" video, "Trampoline" features a collection of vanity shots of the most random items ever -- namely 50 coffee cups lined up in a row, a Jell-O mold, an alarm clock, and a giant stock pile of books. And when they're not focusing on inanimate objects, Tinie is surrounded by a troupe of bikini-clad ladies who twerk and shake under a black light. It's all very "meta/artsy," i.e. we're sure those coffee cups have a WAY deeper meaning. Plus, we'd never get mad at seeing 2 Chainz literally get down and dance with Tinie.

Bounce with Tinie and 2 Chainz below, and look out for Tinie's Demonstration when it drops this September.

Watch Tinie Tempah's "Trampoline" video featuring 2 Chainz.

Photo credit: Tinie Tempah

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