Listen To A Preview Of Ariana Grande's 'Piano'

Listen to a snippet of Ariana Grande's "Piano"

Listen to a preview of Ariana Grande's summery pop jam "Piano."

Up until very recently, we felt like Ariana Grande was "quietly" slaying the pop music game with smashes like the Mac Miller-assisted "The Way" and its follow-up single, "Baby I." Yeah, well, it might be time to replace "quietly" with "VERY LOUDLY," because Ariana has just released a preview of a new song, "Piano," and this track sounds like a real game changer.

Listen to a preview of Ariana Grande's "Piano" after the jump.

Although we're only treated to about 15 seconds of "Piano," slated to appear on Ariana's Yours Truly disc, dropping Sept. 3, Ariana's Instagram video offers just enough to hear the record's sparkling, sunshiny pop production -- a slight left turn from the slick, R&B-driven vibe of "The Way." Basically, if anyone wanted to call "Piano" the 2013 version of Mariah Carey's "Fantasy," we wouldn't be mad at them ONE BIT! And, while we can't make out all the lyrics, we can hear Ariana's now-signature, definitely Mariah-inspired upper register melisma.

Anyway, it sounds like Ariana's got another hit on her hands! Aaaaand we'd politely suggest that other female pop chanteuses (ahem, Victoria Justice -- no shade!) prepare accordingly for Sept. 3. Just sayin'.

 + Listen to a preview of Ariana Grande's "Piano."

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