Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Takes A Quick Nap... On Ethan Hawke's Shoulder (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez looks a little tired on the set of "Getaway"

Selena Gomez looks a little pooped on the set of "Getaway."

Selena Gomez might look like a seasoned carjacking badass in the trailer for her film "Getaway" (costarring Ethan Hawke), but that doesn't mean that the IRL Sel -- you know, the Selena who clearly deserves her VERY OWN Instagram filter -- can't take a quick catnap! (We assume real carjackers just don't take catnaps ever.) It looks like girlfriend must've been a little extra pooped while filming, probably from recording such energetic bangers like "Come & Get It," "Slow Down," and "Love Will Remember" for her just-released and currently chart-topping Stars Dance album. Yeah, well, lucky for Selena, when she has to close her eyes for a minute, she gets to rest her now 21-year-old head on Ethan Hawke's strong and manly shoulder. HOW NICE FOR HER.

In honor of the one-month mark until the official release of "Getaway," the Best Pop Video VMA nominee posted the above photo of her and Ethan on set, along with the caption, "One month till @Getaway. Such an amazing group of people to work with, can't wait for you guys to see the film." Neither can we! We're so revved to see Sel twerking her carjacking muscle. That said, we wonder how Justin Bieber feels about Ethan's arm gently cradling his maybe lady? You know, we're sure that Ethan was just being a gentleman and supporting his costar during her moment of spontaneous day-slumber, right? RIGHT.

Photo credit: @SelenaGomez