Watch Asher Monroe, Dinner And A Suit, Royal Teeth, And More Perform LIVE At MTV And Target's Livestream Concert! (VIDEOS)

Watch Asher Monroe perform "Hush Hush."

Watch Asher Monroe, Dinner And A Suit, and more perform at Target and MTV's livestream event!

Who doesn't love an opportunity to watch live music... from the comfort of their own couch? I mean, that's what the internet was created for, right? Discovering new music without having to leave our snacks computers? Er, never mind. Well, anyway, we're still reeling from watching Target and MTV's livestreamed concert in L.A. featuring four fabulous up-and-coming acts, each discovered via, and now you can watch all four live performances right here!

Watch all four Target and MTV livestream concert clips after the jump.

The event, hosted by Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta and MTV News' James Montgomery, featured country singer Brett Young playing "Kiss By Kiss," pop-rock players Dinner and a Suit performing "Heartbreak," sexy pop crooner Asher Monroe (pictured above) singing "Hush Hush," and indie-pop sextet Royal Teeth performing a jubilant rendition of "Wild." But just in case you missed the show a couple of weeks back, we've got you covered -- you can relive the entire concert experience via your trusty laptop! Watch Asher, Brett, Dinner And A Suit, and Royal Teeth perform below.

+ Watch Asher Monroe perform "Hush Hush."

+ Watch Brett Young Perform "Kiss By Kiss."

+ Watch Dinner And A Suit perform "Heartbreak."

+ Watch Royal Teeth Perform "Wild."

Photo credit: MTV