Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Went Shirtless In New York, Which Is Weird Because It's Not Even Really Hot Out (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber goes shirtless in NYC's SoHo neighborhood.

Here's your weekly reminder that Justin Bieber still looks good without a shirt.

Perhaps taking a half-naked cue from Jonas Brother Nick Jonas, noted shirtlessness enthusiast Justin Bieber can now add "walking around New York City" to his list of places he's gone sans shirt -- which currently includes "getting a massage," "at home," "in an artistic selfie," "at the airport," and even "while hugging my grandma." It is kinda weird, though, because (not to complain!) it's not even that hot out! We guess this officially proves that he's just hotter than everyone else (ba-dum-ch) -- and that Justin has been taking full advantage of his gym membership. If you stare long enough at the curves in those biceps, they clearly spell out "B. U. F. F." We may have been staring too long.

Snapped in SoHo, the "Right Here" singer may just be onto something here. What better way to work on your tan than by always being prepared to catch some rays? Plus, what if he wanted to pick up some new shirts in the neighborhood (because SoHo = BEST shopping)? This way, he'd get to skip that whole "taking off the shirt you're wearing" part of trying on clothes. Hey, Justin's a busy guy, and going around town half-naked is just him practicing better time management! (Yahhh... That's it...)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News