Austin Mahone's Twerk Game Could Use Some Miley Cyrus Pointers (VIDEO)

Austin Mahone twerks on a boat.

Watch Austin Mahone twerk it out on a boat!

Look, we can't all be Masters of The Twerk. Granted, there is a ton of competition out there (see: Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, One Direction, and most importantly, MILEY FREAKING CYRUS). So when we saw this too-cute-for-words video of pop prodigy Austin Mahone attempting to twerk it out on a boat (looks like that's becoming a trend), we thought two things: (1) AW, LOOK AT THAT LI'L GUY and (2) Austin mayyybe could use some twerking pointers from Ms. Miley Cyrus. Just saying! Austin's just kinda sorta shaking it and Miley's the undisputed QUEEN of shaking it. No contest.

Watch Austin Mahone twerk after the jump.

While dancing on a boat to Chris Brown's "Don't Wake Me Up," Austin looks like he's half trying to keep his balance and half shaking his groove thing. That is, of course, until the end of the video where he really ups the ante and starts to TWERK TWERK TWERK. (But yer gonna need a little more junk in that trunk, sir.)

Anyway, like we said earlier, it's too bad that Miley wasn't on board to give the 2013 VMA nominee some bona fide twerking lessons. We kind of imagine her lesson would look like something out of the "Rocky" / "Wet Hot American Summer" training scenes. "Eye Of The Tiger" would be playing in the background, and Austin's final twerking triumph would look exactly like the end performance in "Fame" and/or "Center Stage." Be proud of who you are, Austin! You are ready... to be taught The New Way.

+ Watch Austin Mahone twerk on a boat.

Photo credit: Getty Images