Watch Ariana Grande's 'Baby I' Lyric Video

Watch Ariana Grande's "Baby I" lyric video.

Watch Ariana Grande's "Baby I" lyric video.

Ariana Grande is, like, seriously primed to take over the pop world in about 30 seconds. She made a triumphant entrance with her Mac Miller-assisted "The Way" and totally managed to avoid what we like to refer to as "the second single scare" with her follow-up release, "Baby I." Now, as we patiently-ish wait for the official "Baby I" video to drop, we'll tide you over with Ariana's super feminine "Baby I" lyric video.

Watch Ariana Grande's "Baby I" lyric video after the jump.

As is the case with most lyric videos, all we see are the words to Ariana's second single dancing across the screen. (Like, ONLY cutesy white letters against a pink backdrop that's offset by blue curtains. #Girly.) That said, this lack of visuals gives us WAY MORE time to fantasize about what Ariana's official music video will look like -- we're thinking Ariana looking all "big hair dont care" and flirting with a cute bro in an old-school diner. Maybe he'll serve her some pie? Still working out the deets!

Well, no matter how her official video turns out, we're pretty positive that Ariana's bouncy, laid-back-yet primed-for-pop-radio "Baby I" has already cemented her place in next year's pop music hierarchy.

+ Watch Ariana Grande's "Baby I" lyric video.

Photo credit: Republic Records