Get Ready To Drool Over One Direction's British GQ Magazine Covers! (PHOTOS)

Harry Styles poses in British GQ.

Harry Styles is "up all night to get lucky" on the cover of British GQ. And we're keeping our cool. Promise.

You know that old British saying, "can't resist a man in a collar-popped peacoat"? No? OK, fine, maybe we totally made that up, but we'll have you know that it's very, very true (in our case, anyway). Next time you're in the U.K., just pop over to a beach (the colder and windier, the better), and we bet you 10 quid that the shoreline will be crawling with sexy, peacoat-wearing Brits. Or just go to London in January. Or watch any Daniel Craig "James Bond" movie. I don't know. Anyway, given our penchant for hot British men in peacoats, we were extra-pumped to see the latest FIVE covers of One Direction in British GQ. Like, one cover per member! And you know what? It's time to drool over all of them. One. At. A. Time.

Check out all of One Direction's British GQ covers after the jump.

Featured on the cover of British GQ's September issue, The "Kiss You" singers and soon-to-be "This Is Us" movie stars shared some (what looks like some SUPER JUICY) personal info in each of their accompanying interviews. Now, we're not gonna pretend that Harry Styles saying "it's definitely less than 100" followed by a tagline of "he's up all night to get lucky" doesn't get us a liiiiittle tingly... But you know what? NO. No more acting cool and aloof. Let's just call a spade a spade and admit that we are fully moving to England in September. And YOU CAN'T STOP US.

Liam Payne's British GQ cover.

Louis Tomlinson poses for British GQ.

Niall Horan poses in British GQ.

Zanyne Malik poses in British GQ.

Photo credit: British GQ