Brown Eyed Girls, AlunaGeorge, Kat Graham + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!"

This week's roundup features a bloody good comeback by one of K-pop's leading girl groups, some softly sung sweet nothings by a U.K. alt-R&B dance duo, and a powerful remix fit for a "Vampire Diaries" diva.

This week's roundup features a bloody good comeback by one of K-Pop's leading girl groups, some sweetly sung nothings by a UK alt-R&B dance duo and more!

1.) Brown Eyed Girls, "Kill Bill"

K-pop quartet Brown Eyed Girls have been stirring up the girl group scene since the mid-2000s with their game-changing singles, including "Abracadabra" and "Sixth Sense." Two years after their last studio album, the group's back with their big comeback: "Kill Bill," a reliably slick bout of catchy melodies and infectious dance-pop beats. But while the song's a lot of fun, it's hardly the best part -- their accompanying video is a 7-minute, gloriously spot-on scene-by-scene replication of Tarantino's blood-splattered vengeance epic of the same name (plus some hilarious improvised moments and fierce choreographed breakdowns in between). It's further proof that, yet again, K-Pop is killin' it... literally.


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2.) Monsieur Adi featuring A*M*E, "What's Going On"

Rising remixer/producer Monsieur Adi's been putting his electronic spin on dozens of pop tracks for years now -- from Madonna to one of our new favorite up-and-coming girl groups Neon Jungle. Now, he's taking a turn as producer with a brand-new original single of his own, and he's enlisted a mighty fierce vocalist to assist him: A*M*E, the spunky U.K. songstress who's been making waves overseas with tracks like her glitchy '80s-pop debut, "Play The Game Boy," and summer club stomper "Heartless." Together, the two make some sweet, twinkling tunage with "What's Going On," a Soul II Soul-interpolating disco gem. You'll recognize the chorus immediately -- and with Adi's added disco sparkles and dramatic strings, it's a must-play before your big night out.


3.) Sam Smith, "Safe With Me"

After making his mark on "Latch," one of the major highlights from Disclosure's brilliant debut, Settle, U.K. singer-songwriter Sam Smith is breaking into the summer with a single of his own: "Safe With Me." The Two Inch Punch-crafted production is the first from his upcoming debut EP, and it's positively mesmerizing. Drifting along tripping percussion and distant chants, the soulful singer croons his sweet nothings: "If you ever need me, just tell me and I'll be there / 'Cause I was built for you / Yes, I was built to carry all your feelings," he assures. Don't worry, Sam -- this song alone provides more than enough confidence.


4.) AlunaGeorge, "Kaleidoscope Love"

At long last, British alt-R&B dance act AlunaGeorge have just released their excellent debut record this week, Body Music. "Kaleidoscope Love" is one of the album's most lush, starry-eyed offerings, full of warm melodies and a sort of '70s feel-good soul sensibility. "I'm crystallized 'cause you're my kaleidoscope love," Aluna softly coos above a plucking bass and tripping, skittering U.K. garage beats. It's just one of the many highlights from a debut that completely lives up to their near list-topping position on last year's BBC Sound of 2013.


5.) Kat Graham, "Power (Lovelife Remix)"

The (drop-dead) beautiful "Vampire Diaries" starlet Kat Graham's been keeping the solid solo tunes coming over the past few years -- from "Sassy" to "Put Your Graffiti On Me" to "Wanna Say." Her latest single, "Power," is an almighty pop anthem all on its own, but it's the Lovelife remix -- which debuted yesterday -- that's got us all gagging. The re-rub slows down the track substantially and adds some wildly warbling electronica, shimmering synthesizers, and a fluttering piano melody, switching up the original song's production entirely and making this one of the slickest remixes we've heard in a while.


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