An Almost Unrecognizably Stripped-Down Lady Gaga Samples A Human Being (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga attends an interactive art benefit in the Hamptons.

Oh, just Lady Gaga drinking (fake) blood from a person. That's all.

We always knew that Lady Gaga's tastes learn toward the avant garde, but now that ARTPOP is on its way (Nov. 11, y'all), it looks like Mother Monster is officially upping the "WUT?!" ante. (And that's saying a LOT. Because: meat dresses, flower helmets, naked promos, and gold-plated wheelchairs.) Anyway, we realize how difficult it must be, as a professional pop provocateur to keep errrryyone guessing, but this photo of Gaga, um, literally tasting a human at a Hamptons fundraiser might just be the most bizarre Gagaloo sighting to date. And even more bizarre: She looks KINDA NORMAL DOING IT.

Gaga attended a summer benefit for the Watermill Center, which is a serene-looking art community in the Hamptons (and definitely looks like one of those places that could only exist in the Hamptons). The soiree was themed "Devil's Heaven" and the throw-down was hosted by playwright, director and Watermill founder Robert Wilson (is he taking applications for new friends? Because BALLER STATUS!), who's collaborating with Gaga on ARTPOP. And because people like Gaga and Robert Wilson don't hang with scrubs, they chilled with famed performance artist Marina Abramovic, who provided moral support for the 2013 VMA performer as she sampled what looks like a bloodbath from a naked human sleeping in a coffin. (It's ART, people. Deal with it.) Not only that, but Gaga looked just as stripped-down chic (think: PJ Harvey meets Lydia Lunch) cool as the day she got her septum pierced.

Now, let's talk about this whole "drinking people like soup"/"Jennifer's Body"/"pale as a freshly turned vampire" thing. We're totally cool with it! ARTPOP is all about, well, ART, and that means that it's Gaga job to interact directly with art! The kind of art you can eat. The kind of art that's made out of people. Because you gotta sample the merch. Even when the merch is fresh blood. Because ART!

Photo credit: WENN