Selena Gomez Obviously Needs Her Own Instagram Filter (PHOTO)

We really need a "Selena Gomez" Instagram filter.

Selena Gomez reminds us that we still need a lot of training in taking our own flawless selfies.

Not to sound like a movie trailer or anything, but imagine a world where everyone looks as flawless on Instagram as Selena Gomez. I mean, we've been trying to capture the singer's luminous/angelic/perfect everything on Instagram for MONTHS (we often attempt this by using about fifty different photo apps on one pic), and all we really needed was an official "Selena" filter! So, hi, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS FILTER HAPPEN? (However, knowing how Sel's been diagnosed with a terminal case of "always photogenic without trying," she probably just snapped this photo before bed and forgot to add #nofilter to the comments. Sigh.)

The "Love In Me" singer posted the photo on Instagram along with the caption, "Under the stars s(he) took my hand and said.." The quotation itself is as poetic as her photograph, but we'd like to think that she's actually giving us a metaphorical hint as to how she made her photo look so out-of-this-world-flawless -- using actual real starlight as a flash in this photo. Yes, we know that sounds ABSOLUTELY ridiculous because stars are, like, a gazillion miles away, but famous pop stars have access to crazy fads waaay before us regular people ever do. So it could totally happen!

Photo credit: @selenagomez