Watch Taylor Swift And Carly Simon Sing 'You're So Vain' Live In Boston (VIDEO)

Carly Simon and Taylor Swift duet on "You're So Vain"

Taylor Swift and Carly Simon sang "You're So Vain," and our hearts just EXPLODED.

Before Taylor Swift became the queen of writing songs about ex-boyfriends, there was '70s pop singer Carly Simon and her smash hit "You're So Vain." While Carly to this day has never revealed who her song is about (though we probably can't say the same of Taylor's "Dear John"), there's just something verrry special about seeing two "relationship-focused" songwriters like Taylor Swift and Carly Simon perform "You're So Vain" together, like they did this past Saturday at Boston's Gillette Stadium. Two generations of heartbreakers on one stage! And two generations of blondes! It's all coming full circle, amirite?

Watch Taylor Swift and Carly Simon duet on "You're So Vain" after the jump.

Decked in her signature striped T-shirt and short shorts ensemble, Taylor and Carly pranced around on stage singing the song's iconic hook: "You're so vain/ You probably think this song is about you." And sure, while we may not know who Carly's singing about, how amazing would it be if Taylor, like, secretly told Carly who she was thinking about that evening when she performed the song?? "Yo, Carly, when we're onstage tonight, I just want you to know that imma be fantasizing about _____." Personally, we're kinda voting for Mr. Famous boy-bander Harry Styles, but you never know! That Conor Kennedy could be the sleeper choice!

Watch Taylor Swift and Carly Simon sing "You're So Vain."

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