Britney Spears Looked Too Cute With Katy Perry And Her Sons At 'The Smurfs 2' Premiere (PHOTOS)

Britney Spears poses with Katy Perry at "The Smurphs 2" premiere.

Pop worlds collide: Britney Spears and Katy Perry shared a moment at "The Smurfs 2" movie premiere!

We can only imagine what Britney Spears wrote in her diary this weekend (we like to think that all pop stars keep detailed diaries of their flawless lives because, duh, BOOK DEALS). It was probably something like, "Dear Diary: Not only did I look slamming in my fitted couture at "The Smurfs 2" Los Angeles movie premiere (which I tooootally matched to Smurfett's blue skin tone), but I also took a quick photo with my new BFF/movie co-worker/ fellow pop royalty Katy Perry! THIS WAS THE BEST WEEKEND EVARRR!" Then we'd like to think that Brit made a special note to ask Katy for a future collabo (in addition to Katy's background vocals on "Ooh La La") for her next album!

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 Britney Spears poses with her sons, Sean and Jayden, at "The Smurphs 2" premiere.

Britney, Jayden James, and Sean Preston win "Cutest Family On The Planet." AGAIN.

Oh, and if you thought the "Ooh La La" singer was gonna leave her two adorbz boys, Jayden James and Sean Preston, at home with a babysitter, you clearly aren't aware that being a celebrity's kid doesn't just mean (presumably) getting unlimited free tokens at Chuck E. Cheese's -- it also means attending movie premieres! (Besides, the boys are pretty much already celebrities in their own right after making cameos in Brit's "Ooh La La" video.)

Mostly though, we're just living vicariously through Sean and Jayden's lives. I mean, going to work with our parents meant playing with the Xerox machine and painting Wite-Out on our fingernails, but these guys get to brush shoulders with A-list celebs! So basically, if you've always wondered what winning at ages six and seven looks like -- well, here ya go.

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