Video Premiere: Shone, 'Kin'

Watch Shone's "Kin" video.

Shone play with lighting and hand-drawn designs in their "Kin" video.

If Shone frontman Brian Lane looks familiar, it might be because he's the longtime drummer for Long Island alt-emo collective Brand New. But the two bands don't sound much alike: While Brand New plays punk-influenced alternative rock, the "Analog Genius" Music Award nominees sound more steeped in post-grunge, emulating thick-voiced mid-to-late-'90s vocalists such as Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Soundgarden's Chris Cornell.

Now, 12 years after keeping the rhythm for Brand New, Brian Lane is branching out with his own project, and they've just released a shadowy video for "Kin," the eighth cut off of their debut album, Heat Thing.

Watch Shone's "Kin" video after the jump.

Though "Kin" isn't too plot-heavy, the Daniel Navetta-directed clip is overflowing with some stunning, eye-catching visuals. The camera spins around, capturing Lane and his crew at odd, upside down angles. Plus, things would look entirely pitch black on that sound stage if not for periodic flashes of multicolored light (kind of like The French Horn Rebellion's "Johnny Smash" video, but less party and more pensive), song lyrics, and mysterious hand-drawn images.

Watch "Kin" below, and grab Shone's Heat Thing, released via Brand New's label, Procrastinate Music Traitors.

+ Watch Shone's "Kin" video.

Photo credit: Amelia Thames