Star Spotting: One Direction's Harry Styles Plays Hide-And-Seek... By Himself! (PHOTOS)

Harry Styles plays hide-and-go-seek on the One Direction tourbus!

Harry Styles plays hide-and-go-seek alone (and has the best time ever). 

We know -- it's only been, like, 72 hours since we last talked about One Direction's Harry Styles and his penchant for squeezing into small spaces, then presumably being all, "Look! Can't find me!!!" and "Whoa! How cool is it that I'm skinny enough to fit in this tiiiiny locker thing??" (Fine, we made up that last part.) This time, Harry's posted a "Where's Waldo"-inspired Vine video where the "Best Song Ever" singer hides in various spots on (what we think is) the 1D tour bus. It's kinda like Harry is playing hide-and-go-seek... but with himself! #Interesting

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First, the bicep king hides in bunk after bunk before finally plunking himself in the middle of the bus, acting all like, "I'm here!!" Again, we always wonder about these kinds of videos, since we imagine Harry's celeb life to be full of caviar-infused cupcakes and unlimited hot babes definitely following the rules of the champagne room. That said, it's kind of endearing that bro spends his time curating silly videos for his fans. Oh, BTW, don't think we wouldn't call out the HEAVY presence of Harry's now signature BLACK SKINNY JEANS!!! We've missed them. Haven't seen them since Friday! #AlmostLeggings

+ Watch Harry Styles play hide-and-seek... with himself (VIDEO)

Harry Styles voluntarily squeezes himself into tight spaces again!

Photo credit: Harry Styles' Vine