Star Spotting: Only Beyonce Could Look THAT Flawless In A Batman Mask (PHOTO)

Beyonce poses serious in a Batman mask.

Da-na-na-na-na-na-na Beyoncé! Da-na-na-na-na-na-na in a Batman mask!

Uploaded this morning to Beyoncé's Tumblr, the above photo is proof: Beyoncé IS Batman (#SorryBoutIt, Michael Keaton). (Or, at least she's pretending to be while goofing off in the costume aisle with her friends.) Much like the VMA nominee's generally flawless existence, Bey posted her photo sans comment. But we have one, nay, a FEW comments: Where you B. AT, MAN?! What is your superpower? Enhanced emotional manipulation?? Like, when are you going to set a date for your fifth album? Or, for that matter, a title! Will a for-real release of "Grown Woman" ever materialize? Was "Bow Down/I Been On" just a red herring?? How many more times do we have to post article after article pleading with the universe to tell us that we've finally found the REAL version of "Standing On The Sun"?!?!?!

OK, deep breaths. Listen, Bey, you KNOW we're only saying it 'cause we love ya. We know that if you were a superhero, your name would be something like Golden Goddess or Key Change -- no, wait! Grown woman!!!! YUSS. We OBVIOUSLY know what your supa sleek costume would look like as you fly off to make a difference in the world -- something you already do IRL. The only thing we're stuck on is who your evil arch nemesis would be... OH WAIT. We've figured it out.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Tumblr

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