Listen To A Demo Of Lady Gaga's 'Posh Life' (Written For TLC!)

Listen to Lady Gaga's "Posh Life" demo written for TLC

Listen to Lady Gaga's "Posh Life" demo for TLC. 

The only thing better than news of a greatest hits LP from TLC is a greatest hits LP from TLC featuring a brand-new track written by Lady Gaga! (Fine, admittedly the fact that Lady Gaga will perform her first ARTPOP single live at the 2013 MTV VMAs AND that it's her first VMA appearance in two years is on par. We can't lie.)

Anyway, TLC confirmed during a press conference on Thursday that they have in fact inked a new record deal with Epic, and, according to Consequence of Sound, the in-progress follow-up to 2002's 3D will be a new greatest hits collection featuring renovated versions of TLC classics AND a brand-new track penned by Mother Monster! And here's the best part: Said new track, which is reportedly called "Posh Life," has recently surfaced in the form of a Gaga demo! So it's kind of like listening to an upcoming TLC track AND new Gaga track all at once! A tad confusing, but, still: #PRAISE!

Listen to Lady Gaga's TLC demo, "Posh Life," after the jump.

"Posh Life" -- at least in current demo form -- features a simple R&B beat, an alto-vocal line, and some inspiring lyrics à la TLC's "Unpretty." Gaga coos, "When life is holding you/And you're having trouble finding peace/ You gotta be brave/ Be brave until you bleed." It's a minimalist arrangement, and we have no doubt that the final product will be tricked out to the fullest. We're not entirely sure if anything will EVER top "Red Light Special" or "Waterfalls," but we're willing to be open to the possibility.

And hey, if you get bored waiting for the full, TLC-sung "Posh Life" to surface, you could always re-watch the teaser trailer for "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story"! Like, again and again and again. And again.

Listen to Lady Gaga's TLC demo, "Posh Life."

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