What Would Austin Mahone Do If He Wasn't A Pop Star? Probably Climb The Empire State Building And Lead Executive Board Meetings (VIDEO)

Austin Mahone can do anything!

What would Austin Mahone do if he wasn't a professional singer? How about EVERYTHING?

Pop wunderkind Austin Mahone is as talented as talented gets (see his Artist To Watch VMA nomination!), and it's seriously difficult to imagine him doing anything other than drive Mahomies bananas with songs like "Say You're Just A Friend" and "What About Love." But then again, dude IS only 17 years old -- there's a world of opportunity open to him even if he DID choose a different career path (but PLEASE DON'T, AUSTIN. This is purely hypothetical).

OK, we'll just rephrase the question: What would Austin do if he, say, weren't spending all of his time touring with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran and promoting his forthcoming debut album?? Well, turns out the answer is pretty, well, imaginative.

Watch Austin Mahone consider alternative career paths after the jump.

During a recent visit to MTV, we asked the Artist To Watch what he'd do if he had a little more free time on his hands. And while we think Austin would make an excellent actor, model, or dancer, apparently he's got other things in mind -- things like boxing, doing mega-complicated gymnast flips, running up the Empire State Building (elevators are for wusses), and -- eeeeeeek!! -- leading MTV executive board meetings?! Look, it's not like we don't want Austin in our conference room (BECAUSE WE DO), but we're just saying... How would we concentrate in meetings?? You KNOW it would be damn near impossible to talk about things like "synergy" and "logistics" without stealing a glance at the boss man's bulging biceps. #WeCanDream

+ Watch Austin Mahone consider alternative career paths.

Photo credit: MTV