Avril Lavigne Is Totally Channeling Katy Perry's 'Part Of Me' Army Era On The Set Of Her 'Rock N Roll' Video (PHOTO)

Avril Lavigne channels Katy Perry's "Part Of Me" look on the set of "Rock N Roll."

Camo-MG! Avril's totally giving us Katy Perry, right??

Ten-hut, private! We just spotted this photo of Avril Lavigne on the set of her upcoming "Rock N Roll" video -- which features a cameo from Winnie Cooper Danica McKellar, BTW -- and we can't help but think that she's totally serving up some Katy Perry "Part Of Me" vibes (see last year's camo-clad performance on "American Idol"). While we obviously can't know if the pink-streaked pop-rock princess is wearing the purple-haired candy queen's latest fragrance, Killer Queen -- we lost our Smelloscope charger, sorry! -- what we CAN say is that Avril's unintentional homage is but another flawless entry in our "Pop St-Army Moments" scrapbook. What? Scrapbooking IS cool. The newly wedded Mr. and Mrs. Chad Kroeger do it! Besides, our mom says it's cool, so... WHAT NOW.

From Rihanna's super haute take on military life in her 2009 "Hard" video to Paramore's bleaker, color-drained vision of the battlefield in last February's "Now," we are ANYTHING but fatigued of our favorite celebs army fatigue moments. Oh my God, wait, what if Demi Lovato re-shot her recent "Made In The USA" so that instead of bidding farewell to her army man played by "90210" beefcake, Dustin Milligan (#woof), she gave her tearful goodbye to none other than Avril?! "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is over, y'all, so LET'S DO IT. Now, drop and give us 50, you lazy, worthless -- OH MY GOD, SORRY. TOO MEAN. You're a star.

Photo credit: PCN/ Getty