New Song: Annie, 'Ralph Macchio'

Listen to Annie's new track with producer Richard X, "Ralph Macchio."

Another Annie and Richard X collab! Listen to "Ralph Macchio" below.

Another week, another new song from Norwegian singer Annie -- we could get used to this! After last week's "Hold On" (aka the perfect background music for disco naps or moving sidewalks that only attract the hippest pedestrian clientele), today we are blessed with a brand-new cut: "Ralph Macchio." Like "Hold On," this track is another synth-filled collab with British songwriter and producer Richard X from the duo's forthcoming The A&R EP. Full disclosure before you read on: We are going to try our hardest/lamest to make a "Wax on, wax off" joke. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Listen to Annie's "Ralph Macchio" after the jump.

Over bursting synths that sound kinda like someone's dialing the most melodic phone number ever (à la Lipps Inc.'s disco classic, "Funkytown"), Annie serenades, "Where did you go, haven't seen you lately/ What should I do with my love/ I sometimes think that I see you baby/ Dancing with the stars up above," followed by the chorus' refrain, "Kiss me once and keep me forever/ Ralph Macchio/ In his arms we hold on together/ Ralph Macchio."

Umm, not to be super unimaginative, but we're gonna go ahead and say that she's literally crooning to the "Karate Kid" actor. I mean, it TOTALLY makes sense, right? Because the last time you probably saw the iconic '80s actor was on "Dancing With The Stars" in 2011 ("Dancing with the stars up above," get it??) or on that VHS of "The Outsiders" that you've FINE, we've rewatched approx. 177 times. This is so cute though! Now we can't stop picturing Annie doodling variations of "Mrs. Annie Macchio" all over her Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. Hmm, since Mr. Macchio's onscreen appearances are dependent on getting consistent acting jobs, though, we guess you could call Annie's crush a "wax-on-again, wax-off-again" relationship. YOU WERE WARNED.

Look out for Annie's The A&R EP, dropping Aug. 5.

+ Listen to Annie's "Ralph Macchio."

Photo credit: Annie, Richard X