Rihanna Twerked On A Boat Because Duh, Of Course She Did (VIDEO)

Rihanna casually twerks it on a boat!

Rihanna gets her twerk on at sea! 

Who knew it was possible to get your twerk on at sea?? Then again, I suppose the urge to twerk is just so powerful, there's no stopping it when it hits! And that's exactly what happened to Rihanna, who decided to do a lil' twerk on a boat while wearing -- brace yourselves, kids -- a ONE-PIECE bathing suit! Granted, it was Chanel, so that makes a little more sense. But still, a FULL-COVERAGE Rihanna bathing suit situation? After this? And this? And about 70 million other occasions? Shocking.

Watch Rihanna casually twerk on a boat after the jump.

Anyway, thanks to the twerk Gods, the sunny seafaring weather, and Rihanna's bestie Melissa Forde, Rihanna somehow managed to capture her spontaneous twerk on Instagram. Twerking to Rick Ross' hook on Meek Mill's "Believe It," Rihanna got her grind on as she laughed, chirped, and basically lived her #bestlife and/or re-enacted some scenes from Busta Rhymes and Nicki Minaj's "#TwerkIt" video. We can't say for sure what happened after that, but we're guessing she was all like, "Pour It Up"!! And probably, somewhere under her breath, "how jealous are y'all of me right now??" And the answer is: very jealous, Rihanna. Very, very jealous.

+ Watch Rihanna casually twerk on a boat (NSFW).

Photo credit: SooeyPooey/Melissa Forde's Instagram