Star Spotting: Harry Styles And Niall Horan Voluntarily Stuff Themselves Into Lockers (PHOTO)

Harry Styles and Niall Horan slip into a cupboard and we're oddly fascinated!

This Niall and Harry pic kinda looks like "Black Flag: Adorable Edition," huh?

Normally, when we think about the words "tight squeeze" and "One Direction," we're almost always referring to Harry's OH-SO-FITTED skinny jeans (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C). I mean, the man probably can't even slip a pinky into those damn pants to relieve an everyday leg itch. That said, today's "1D tight squeeze" refers to the above Instagram photo of Harry and his "Best Song Ever" cohort Niall Horan inexplicably spending their time as famous people cramming themselves into cupboards (or lockers? It's unclear) with some pretty blonde lady friends before their show in Salt Lake City. And here we thought that in between performing for 78 gah-jillion Directioners, the bros melted into massage chairs and were hand-fed grapes like Egyptian pharaohs! Who knew about this cupboard fascination, guys?? WHO KNEW?

Jokester Harry captioned the above photo: "How did you fit in there?" 'Sideways.' "Oh yeah." (Nice one, brah!) No word on who those lucky blonde chicks are, but we're guessing they must be tour crew members based on those badges around their necks. Either way, the two can pretty much claim that they've stood next to Harry Styles and Niall Horan for an extended period of time -- even if there was a 3-inch steel panel separating them. Close enough, we say.

Photo credit: Harry Styles' Instagram