Watch Wallpaper.'s 'Buzzworthy Live' Acoustic Performance Of 'Drunken Hearts' And 'Good 4 It' (VIDEOS)

Watch Wallpaper. perform "Drunken Hearts" and "Good 4 It" on Buzzworthy Live.

Watch Wallpaper. perform two acoustic "Buzzworthy Live" songs: "Drunken Hearts" and "Good 4 It."

Oakland hip-hop/pop project Wallpaper., led by loud-mouthed MC Ricky Reed, might remind you a little bit of SNL joke-hop troupe The Lonely Island (see: those moments where Reed asks you to "geek out" and "dance like Steve Urk"). But Wallpaper.'s talent is no joke -- Reed, who now has three other musicians on board, regularly oscillates between tongue-in-cheek rap verses to sing-songy indie-pop choruses that sound highly reminiscent of anything by Foster The People ("Drunken Hearts").

Now, to celebrate the band's just-released second LP, Ricky Reed Is Real, we invited Wallpaper over to MTV to perform a "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic rendition of "Drunken Hearts" and "Good 4 It."

Watch Wallpaper. perform "Drunken Hearts" and "Good 4 It" after the jump.

First up is "Drunken Hearts," where the entire band, including supporting vocalist Novena Carmel and drummers Derek Taylor and Arjun Singh, wail through the song's ensemble-pop chorus: "Weee-eeeee gooo-oooot DRUNKEN HEARTS. EH! EH!" (Just try to resist that hook. Yep, that's what I thought -- you can't.)

Later, Carmel and Reed pair up for an acoustic rendition of "Good 4 It." Where the original track is an avalanche of Auto-Tune, backup harmonies, and electronic accents, Reed and Carmel strip "Good 4 It" down to a minimalist jaunt, accompanied by Reed's miniature guitar and Carmel's powerful vocals.

Check out both tracks below, and grab the rest of Wallpaper.'s Ricky Reed Is Real album on iTunes.

+ Watch Wallpaper. perform "Drunken Hearts."

+ Watch Wallpaper. perform "Good 4 It."

Photo credit: MTV