New Video: Franz Ferdinand, 'Love Illumination'

Watch Franz Ferdinand's "Love Illumination" video.

Franz Ferdinand get their Halloween costumes all ready to go in "Love Illumination."

Franz Ferdinand's "Love Illumination" keeps it pretty simple -- the band's signature spiky rock sound, a full-band promise that "we could love you" -- but it turns out they saved all the crazy for the video. "Love Illumination" is one-part David Lynch, one-part '60s psychedelic nightmare, and a lot of parts sheer bonkers madness. And choreography! When the going gets weird, the weird put on horse masks and start dancing, apparently.

Watch Franz Ferdinand's "Love Illumination" video after the jump.

Among the highlights in the band's miniature "Twin Peaks" are the band going amphibian and equine, a dance troupe performing on what looks like a "Star Trek: The Original Series" set, screen-jarring analog static, a boys 'n' girls near-naked party involving a ray gun and a cherry, and, of course, the Franz dudes delivering the rock. Hold out until the 3:05 mark for the funniest guitar break/two-man Halloween costume shot in recent music video history. We're not sure what happens after that, but we're ready to watch it again. Also, we're totally being Franz Horseinand for Halloween.

The band's Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action lands Aug. 27 on Domino Records.

+ Watch Franz Ferdinand's "Love Illumination" video.

Photo credit: Domino Records