Rita Ora Has Morphed Into Blanche Devereaux From 'The Golden Girls'! (PHOTO)

Rita Ora looks just like a "Golden Girl."

Rita Ora must be in the middle of a "Golden Girls' marathon or something!

Please tell us we're not the only ones who IMMEDIATELY belted out Thank you for being friend, travel down the road and back again... Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidannnnnnnnnnt (aka "The Golden Girls" theme song!) when we saw this photo of Rita Ora. Girl is totally giving off some sexy "Blanche Deveroux heading to a ball with her BFFs Rose and Dorothy" vibes in this silky number! (Or, you know, getting ready for bed.) Anyway, if you have no idea what pop culture reference we're making, we suggest you pay respect to THE BEST SITCOM TO EVER GRACE TELEVISION and do some diligent research on "The Golden Girls," STAT.

The "Torn Apart" singer was snapped leaving a nightclub in London looking gorgeously comfy in a shiny, pajama-looking robe outfit. No, seriously, this is a huge revelation for us! Why not just get some fancy, dress-up pajama-like outfit to twerk in while at the club so that when we end up falling asleep in our clothes, we're already ready for bed! (Pop stars, they're always inspiring!) It's either that, or the GQ cover beauty has been watching some classic "The Golden Girls" reruns and wanted to pay homage to one of the best actresses EVER (R.I.P. Rue McClanahan -- we miss you!). Now, excuse me while while I spend the rest of the day watching reruns of "The Golden Girls" nonstop. (Which happens to be no different than what I was already doing every single day of my life.)

Photo credit: Splash News/ Getty Images