Meet EDM Masterminds Paper Diamond, Ha Hau, And Unlimited Aspect On 'This Is The Place: Denver' (VIDEO)

Denver EDM scene

Get familiar with Denver's local EDM scene on MTV Other's new show, "This Is The Place."

Dunno if you've been paying attention to the charts, but EDM -- Electronic Dance Music -- is kind of what one would call "a bona fide THING." Just look at some of the artists we can't stop talking about (some of whom even made MTV's coveted "Artist To Watch" list): Skrillex, Zedd, David Guetta, Deadmau5, The Bloody Beetroots, etc. But did you know that EDM is also kind of a big deal in Denver, CO.? Yeah, according to MTV Other's new travel show, "This Is The Place," apparently all that thin air makes people wanna DROP THE BEAT.

Watch "This Is The Place: Denver" after the jump.

Well, even if you live nowhere near Denver, you can get the full EDM experience courtesy of "This Is The Place," which gives you an inside look into all of the must-know names in the local scene (Paper Diamond, concert promoter Ha Hau, and Unlimited Aspect, to name a few) and takes you on a personal tour of friendly mom and pop record stores, cafes, music venues, and more. For example, in Denver, we've got Sputnik Cafe, aka "the 'Cheers' of music." Uh, you mean everyone'll know my name!?!! Excuse me, I have a suitcase to fill and a plane to catch. #ByeNYCRent!

+ Watch "This Is The Place: Denver," and check out more episodes featuring Athens and Minneapolis.

Photo credit: MTV