Star Spotting: Katy Perry 'Owns The Throne' In Her New 'Killer Queen' Fragrance Ad (PHOTO)

Katy Perry unleashes her new Killer Queen fragrance ad!

Katy Perry assumes her rightful place in the new Killer Queen fragrance ad.

We saw Katy Perry sit atop a throne (in the sickest dress ever, mind you) at the unveiling of her brand-new fragrance, Killer Queen, and now she continues her royal streak (have we not been telling you guys this foreverrrrrr??) in the official ad for her new scent! As you can see in the flawless image above, the "Teenage Dream" singer is seated on a throne (freshly usurped from some douchebag king, we bet) wearing some INSANE tights that we're gonna need immediately, a fierce scepter, and a diamond-encrusted crown (NATCH), not to mention the daintiest lil' doll-like stems we've seen in a MINUTE.

Thrilled to unveil the new visual to her Katycats, the bunny-lover took to Twitter to share the news: "I'm thrilled to reveal #KILLERQUEEN Own the Throne!" The new scent, which Katy says reflects her music, is slated to drop sometime in August, with the official release day to be announced on her fragrance's Facebook page. (#PRAISE) Side note: With all the celebrity "throne" action as of late, we're SUPER into the idea of setting up some kind of royal play date. Katy can play her new music over a kingdom-wide loudspeaker, Beyoncé can join in with a riffed-filled rendition of "God Save The Me," and Jay Z and Kanye can "watch" over everything and generally protect! Cool? COOL.

Photo credit: Coty