New Song: Lucius, 'Hey, Doreen'

Listen to Lucius' new song, "Hey, Doreen."

Hey, everyone, Lucius has a huge new single.

"Hey There, Delilah"? Nah. On "Hey, Doreen," Lucius have a different lady in mind. The lead single off of the Brooklyn-based band's forthcoming debut album, Wildewoman, this song definitely makes for a head-turning first listen. The track sounds like the Flaming Lips covering Sly and the Family Stone -- that is, sunny '70s vibes filtered through a warped and weird indie-rock imagination. And vintage gear, no doubt.

Listen to Lucius' "Hey, Doreen" after the jump.

The song starts and stops like a toddler running around the house before collapsing into a nap, full of snare drums-and-vocals sections that gradually ramp up to psych guitar fuzz and sugar-high hooks. There's even a robotic synthesizer sequence that makes us wonder if the band's ever been fahr'n auf der Autobahn -- though Kraftwerk probably sounds pretty good on the L train, too. All in all, "Hey, Doreen" does a little bit of everything and a whole lot of the big things: a killer chorus and a sound we can't wait to hear more of.

Wildewoman is due out on Mom + Pop Oct. 15. In the meantime, the band's got shows lined up this summer with Tegan And Sara, Dispatch and The Head And The Heart. Their next single should be called "Hey, Ticketmaster" because uh... we need to book that ish immediately.

+ Listen to Lucius' "Hey, Doreen."

Photo credit: Peter Larson