We Are DYING Over This Avril Lavigne ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up’ Parody, ‘Here’s To Never Breaking Up’ (VIDEO) (NSFW)

“I know your internet passwords.” TRUE LOVE!

There’s a reason why rom-coms generally end right when the couple gets together, and it’s NOT because the holy union of ’90s-era Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant would be too blindingly beautiful for us mere mortals to handle. (OK, not JUST that.) It’s because the “in-a-relationship” lifestyle can be pretty boring, which is why we can’t stop watching YouTube channel Official Comedy’s hilarious parody of Avril Lavigne’s “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” called “Here’s To Never Breaking Up.” It’s so uncomfortably accurate, that it just barely approaches the “too close for comfort” line. Don’t worry all you LTR-ers, this clip will only make you laugh, not begin to question your coupled-up life. Hopefully.

Watch Official Comedy’s “Here’s To Never Breaking Up” parody music video after the jump.

Diving straight into the mind-numbing details of relationship fatigue, the Jared Neumark-directed video opens on our Lavigne lookalike, Anna Roisman (who also co-wrote the new lyrics with J. Neu, as we assume he is known among friends) lifelessly monotoning: “Sitting on our old couch in our favorite spot/ With the TV blaring as we make this work out/ I’m really comfortable with you although our lives just suck/ Singing here’s to never breaking up.”

The next verses follow suit, with our heroine weighing pros like “You kill all the bugs!” versus cons like “But I could have another drawer!” before realizing that whether willingly or not, they are never breaking up. Well this vid’s funny and all, but I’ve gotta get home early so I can figure out which episode of “30 Rock” me and the BF are gonna watch tonight over takeout. It’s my night!

+ Watch Official Comedy’s “Here’s To Never Breaking Up” parody music video.

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