New Song: Royal Teeth, 'Stay'

Listen to Royal Teeth's new song "Stay"

Listen to "Stay," the latest sparkling pop offering from Royal Teeth.

New Orleans indie-pop sextet Royal Teeth have been a tad quiet since the March release of their "Wild" single, off their forthcoming LP, Glow, out Aug. 13. Now, the absurdly attractive poppers (and Target & MTV Livestream performers!), led by Nora Patterson and vocal partner Gary Larsen, are back with "Stay," a brand-new track off Glow.

Listen to Royal Teeth's "Stay" after the jump.

Set amid a sparkling land of chanty choruses, perfectly layered harmonies, and twinkling synths, "Stay" is an expert blend of organic indie vibes with top-notch pop sensibilities. In a flawless two-part harmony, Nora and Gary chant, "When it's late at night/ And your eyes are wide/ I won't let you go/ Just put your hand in mine." Cue a glittery, almost a cappella bridge, and BOOM -- you've got the perfect song to carry you through the tail end of summer. Also, doesn't "Stay" kind of make you wish that your (imaginary) boyfriend could sing? Because then you guys could totally sing this together while whipping up a summer fresh salad in your giant white marble kitchen! (Am I getting too specific with my fantasies?)

+ Listen to Royal Teeth's "Stay."

Photo credit: Dangerbird Records