We Don't Know How To Feel About This 'Unique' Ke$ha Doll (PHOTO)

Check out Ke$ha's weird, crafty doll!

Watch out Barbie, Ke$ha's doll is your new competition!

We're not the types to stunt anyone's creative expression, but this Ke$ha doll is, um, making us slightly nervous. Sure, it's creative, crafty, and a really great use of leftover birds' nests (we mean that in the nicest "yay for being green-friendly" way possible), but we just feel like K-$ deserves a proper toy doll (like other pop stars get) and not a homemade vodoo-ish trinket like this. OK, FINE. We'll just get to our real beef with the sculpture: It's totally skimping on the glitter! Whenever there's anything to do with Ke$ha, THERE ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE TONS MORE GLITTER. Oh, and don't forget to add a beard in her mouth.

The "Crazy Kids" singer shared the DIY doll photo on Instagram along with the caption, "it's me!" We're not sure if Ke$ha made the doll herself during some summer tour downtime or if a loyal Animal was feeling a lil' Pintrest-y, but we DO have to give whoever made it an A+ for nailing Ke$ha's eclectic, free-spirit essence via multiple types of media (are her boots made of beeswax!?). But mostly, this artistic rendition has me feeling WAY better about my "Ode to One Direction" sculpture made entirely out dryer lint that I've secretly been working on for the last year.

Photo credit: @iiswhois