New Video: French Horn Rebellion, 'Johnny Smash'

Watch French Horn Rebellion's "Johnny Smash" video.

French Horn Rebellion get flashy in their new "Johnny Smash" video.

Brooklyn electro-pop outfit French Horn Rebellion might be in the same dance-all-night, synth-till-you-can't-synth-no-more league as Yelle, MGMT, and Pet Shop Boys, but heck if they won't break the mold with some actual French horns. (Even if said French horn is all tied up in neon, glowing tubes. Hey, they've got a rep to protect!) Following their 2011 debut, The Infinite Music Of French Horn Rebellion, brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari are back with a hot-weather appropriate, flashy new video for "Johnny Smash," the first single from their forthcoming Dancing Out EP.

Watch French Horn Rebellion's "Johnny Smash" video after the jump.

Directed by Dax Martinez-Vargas and featuring vocals from Workout and Bébé Panthère, "Johnny Smash"'s video is every bit as strobe-light-seizure-inducing (in a good way) as its accompanying track. Set in a darkened dance club (think Greenpoint's now-closed Studio B), "Johnny Smash" has Robert and David jamming out in a nonstop sea of multicolored neon lights (seriously, big ups to the lighting director) while party-high clubgoers shake it out around them. And just in case anyone was curious as to whether or not a French horn works in such an uninhibited, synth-crazed, sweaty dance floor anthem, well, don't worry -- it does.

Keep the party going below, grab French Horn Rebellion's recently released Dancing Out EP, and check out the duo's upcoming "Dancing Out" tour dates.

+ Watch The French Horn Rebellion's "Johnny Smash" video.

Photo credit: Harry Fellows