Is Beyonce's 'Standing On The Sun (SOS Reggae Mix)' The Real Deal?!

Listen to the maybe-official SOS Reggae Mix of Beyonce's Standing On The Sun.

If this version of "Standing On The Sun" is a real Beyoncé single, we will DIE.

Ooooooooh my God, could it BE?! Someone named "beyoncediario" (translation: "Beyoncé+daily" or "Beyoncé+diary") has posted a track called "Standing On The Sun (SOS Reggae Mix)" to SoundCloud. Even though we've already heard variations on this track in an H&M commercial, performed live, and possibly faux-leaked by an overzealous fan, this reworked version is DEFINITELY our new fave. Bey, PLZ tell us this is actually going to be the lead single off of your upcoming (????) fifth studio album? You know what happens when your fans get restless.

Listen to Beyoncé's "Standing On The Sun (SOS Reggae Mix)" after the jump.

So, what's different? In addition to an energizing new beat, new harmonies, and an opening hype man, the 2013 MTV VMA nominee breaks into a kind of Caribbean sprechgesang around the 1:50 mark. Love! And OK, Beyoncé hasn't exactly said anything about this new "Standing On The Sun"' being an honest-to-goodness single (WILL YOU PLEASE JUST TALK TO US, B?? AND NOT THROUGH INSTAGRAM), but just the thought of it mayyyybe being real is way too much for us to handle at the moment.

Are you there, B? It's us, Buzzworthy. We've been waiting forEVER and a month for you to descend from the pop star heavens and just officially release a damn song already. Also, not trying to start any pop star competition or anything, but Lady Gaga's totally beating you with the single announcements (however cryptic), so it's time to step up yo' game! We need "Standing On The Sun"'s reggae version to be real SO BAD.

+ Listen to Beyoncé's "Standing On The Sun (SOS Reggae Mix)."

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