New Song: The Naked And Famous, 'Hearts Like Ours'

Listen To The Naked And Famous' 'Hearts Like Ours.'

The Naked And Famous are about to get a lot more famous with their new track, "Hearts Like Ours."

"Could we try and reinvent?" asks Alisa Xayalith in her unmistakable spectral vocal delivery on "Hearts Like Ours." We suppose they could have, but on the first single from The Naked and Famous' new LP, the band mostly sticks to a formula that works. Like, really, really works. The young New Zealand five-piece released the first taste of new music following their explosion onto the world scene with their 2010 debut Passive Me, Aggressive You this week.

Listen to The Naked and Famous' "Hearts Like Ours" after the jump.

"Hearts Like Ours," which will appear on In Rolling Waves, out on Sept. 17, covers all the bases we've come to expect from the band's hits, such as "Young Blood" and "Punching In A Dream." It begins with a hesitant synth chime (that, if you ask us, is highly reminiscent of  OMD's "Souvenir"), and gradually introduces an undergirding guitar riff behind Xayalith's high-pitched vocals, before the bass and drums ratchet up, exploding the song to the next level of fluorescent euphoria.

It's that very sound that found the band hitting 24 countries around the world in the first two years of their existence. For the new record, the group, including Thom Powers (guitar vocals), Jesse Wood (drums),  Aaron Short (keyboards), and David Beadle (bass), decamped to Los Angeles to the legendary Laurel Canyon, to record the 12 songs on In Rolling Waves, which they largely produced themselves. Sounds like the band is about get a whole lot more famous.

+ Listen to The Naked and Famous' "Hearts Like Ours."

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