New Song: Robin Thicke, 'Get In My Way'

 Robin Thicke releases yet another smash from his Blurred Lines disc, "Get In My Way."

Listen to Robin Thicke's latest jam off his "Blurred Lines" disc, "Get In My Way."

Are you surprised that we're bringing you yet ANOTHER new Robin Thicke song this week? No, no you're aren't. And wanna know why? Because over the past few weeks, it's been a nonstop roll of Robin Thicke jam after jam (all slated to appear on his Blurred Lines disc, dropping July 30), and why should today be any exception? That's right -- it shouldn't! So, with that said, after hearing "Blurred Lines," "Take It Easy On Me," "Go Stupid 4 U," "The Good Life," "Feel Good," and most recently, "Ooh La La," here's "Get In My Way."

Listen to Robin Thicke's "Get In My Way" after the jump.

Set to a retro, horn-laden track, "Get In My Way" is a bouncy, no-BS song that sees Robin singing about the haterz: "Come on let's go/ Ain't nobody gonna get in my way/ I'm gonna make it, no matter what you say/ I'm flying by you, better stay on your lane/

It's no denying, ain't nobody gonna get in my way." Yeah, not sure how anyone can get in Robin's way considering " Blurred Lines" is now a bona fide chart-topper, not to mention Mr. Thicke's THREE 2013 MTV VMA nominations. That said, we love this whole "take no prisoners" attitude, so, twerk.

+ Listen to Robin Thicke's "Get In My Way," check out Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video, watch Robin Thicke discuss his VMA plans, and congratulate him on his big... VMA NOMINATIONS!

Photo credit: Interscope Records

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