Lady Gaga Preps For 'ARTPOP' By Piercing Her Septum And Uh... Looking Cooler Than Us (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga pierces her septum.

Disaffected to make your acquaintance too, Lady Gaga. Love the septum piercing.

So thanks to Lady Gaga's Facebook missive two Fridays ago, we are completely prepared for her first ARTPOP single and third full-length studio album (comes with an app!), which will drop in the coming months (on Nov. 11, to be exact). Or at least we're prepared as we can be when Mother Monster's all like, "HAY, GUISE! BTW, I'm releasing an album that's also an app -- no more context! BUH-BAH!" What we had NO forewarning about, however, was her new septum piercing, seen in the above photo posted by Chicago's MasterMind Ink Custom Tattoo Studio (that's professional Gaga-piercer Steve Bennett on the left).

To be as eloquent as possible, Gaga looks rully, rully, rully cool. And also a little familiar? Though less extreme a body mod than her prosthetic Born This Way-promoting face bones, Gaga's newly pierced septum -- combined with the Lara Stone eyebrows, a Joan Jett mullet, and Anne Boleyn portraiture-level paleness -- really makes her look like the bottle-and-also-patriarchy-smashing love child between The Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious and Patti Smith. OMG WAIT NO! Lydia Lunch. Lydia freaking Lunch. Throw in some bangs, and THAT is who Lady Gaga's reminding us of here. Or some girl taking a breather in the middle of a Williamsburg noise show. Either way, FEEEEEEEEEELIN' IT.

Photo credit: MasterMind Ink Custom Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery