New Video: Lissie, 'Further Away (Romance Police)'

Watch Lissie's "Further Away (Romance Police)" video.

Lissie becomes one with nature in her "Further Away (Romance Police)" video.

I'll be straight with you: I've have a massive friend crush on Illinois-born, California-based songstress Lissie since her "When I'm Alone" video came out in 2010. My crush only grew after hearing tracks like "In Sleep" and cover songs like "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac. Let's face facts: Lissie's not too hard on the eyes either. Now, after a short break in between records (her Covered Up With Flowers EP dropped in 2011), Lissie's back with a brand-new video for "Further Away (Romance Police)," a track off her forthcoming Back To Forever disc, dropping Sept. 10.

Watch Lissie's "Further Away (Romance Police)" video after the jump.

Set to an '80s-tinged track ("Flashdance" vibes, anyone?), Lissie's organic, soulful pipes bring a serious Stevie Nicks vibe to the party, which pairs perfectly with the not-too-crunchy-granola, but juuuust-perfectly-crisp look pervading the Ben Chappell-directed clip.

Decked in a T-shirt and jeans, a messy-haired Lissie sits by the waterside in her hometown of Rock Island, Ill., and asks, "Does anyone love anyone anymore?" (Guuurl, you're telling me!) Later, Lissie pops to a bar for a beer, and then it's back to nature, where she continues to sing her sad love song.

As nighttime falls, Lissie appears in front of a cop car with her hands up (this song ain't called "Romance Police" for nothin'), and, while it's unclear whether or not Lissie ends up getting arrested by the Romance Police, we can confirm that this video has heightened our Lissie-friend crush to totally unanticipated heights. Which, incidentally, should be a crime. (See what we just did?)

Watch Lissie's "Further Away (Romance Police)" video.

Photo credit: Columbia Records