New Song: Icona Pop, 'All Night'

Icona Pop debut their new album cover, single "All Night," and tour dates.

1) Listen to Icona Pop's "All Night." 2) Check out album and tour details. 3) Crumble into ecstatic heap.

Icona Pop's summer jam that just won't quit, "I Love It" featuring Charlie XCX, continues to reign supreme over the Billboard charts a year (and then some) after its initial release -- something most songs find impossible, or at least the ones that don't feature Adele ripping your heart out of your chest with her bare hands because #feelings. Today, the Swedish pop duo hopes to continue that bass-thumping party-anthem streak with news of their debut international album, This Is... Icona Pop,  their upcoming all-girl headlining Iconic Tour, and their latest single, "All Night" -- aka the probable summer jam of 2013, 2014, and maybe even 2015.

Listen to Icona Pop's "All Night" after the jump.

Much like "I Love It," "All Night" begins with an opening verse that seems tailor-made for shouting in unison with your friends while driving in a convertible/ by yourself into a hairbrush while staring at yourself in Photo Booth: "We always dreamed about this better life, this better life/ We always felt it coming all along yeah all along yeah/ We got the keys to open paradise, yeah paradise/ Now let's go walking hand-in-hand." AH! If only.

Oh, wait, you may actually get to walk hand-in-hand with Caroline and Aino IRL if you hit up one of the stops on their upcoming Iconic Tour (ASK FIRST), which features openers Sirah and K. Flay and will border-hop between Canada and the U.S. for the next two months before closing in Brooklyn on Sept. 25... which also happens to be the day after Sept. 24 (DON'T GASP YET. THAT'S NOT NEWS), which is the release date of This Is... Icona Pop, the team's first official international album. YOU MAY GASP NOW.

+ Listen to Icona Pop's "All Night."

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