New Video: Bonnie McKee, 'American Girl'

Bonnie McKee has the perfect summer day in her official "American Girl" video.

Bonnie McKee has the best day ever in her "American Girl" video.

When we first heard Bonnie McKee's "American Girl," we pretty much decided it was like taking a master class in pop song perfection. And we're not the only ones who thought so: The first incarnation of Bonnie's "American Girl" music video featured a handful of her closest pals (i.e. everyone she's written hit songs for), like Katy PerryAdam LambertKe$ha,MacklemoreLance Bass, and MORE singing along to her new record. Now Bonnie's back with an official "American Girl" video and, although we'll miss Katy Perry singing to her teddy bear, this new clip is every bit as worthy.

Watch Bonnie McKee's "American Girl" video after the jump.

At the top of the Justin Francis-directed clip, Bonnie, her OFF THE CHAIN orange creamsicle-colored hair, and a few pals hang out on the curb drinking Slurpees (presumably mixed with alcohol) while making eyes at a hunky bro. After hitting up a 7-Eleven for some snacks, the girls settle in for a pool day, complete with plastic water toys and tons of skimpy bikini action.

But the fun's not over yet: Once their pool time is up, the gals steal a car from a muscular, tatted-up man (because it's never fun to steal a car from an old fat guy) and proceed to live out their "Teenage Dream" (get it? Bonnie co-wrote that song!) one summer day at a time. #RoadTrip. Not that we condone stealing or anything, but... Look, can we just get the number of Bonnie's trainer/hair colorist/everything-ist? That's all we need.

Watch Bonnie McKee's "American Girl" video.

Photo credit: Epic Records