Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Got Drafted By The Toronto Maple Leafs! Sort Of (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber is an honorary member of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Justin Bieber LOVES him some Toronto Maple Leafs.

Justin Bieber likes many things, among them baby zoo animals, his grandparents, his new song "Heartbreaker," and, perhaps most of all (sorry Grandma!), HOCKEY. (Remember this and this?) Also, when we say "hockey" we specifically mean the Toronto Maple Leafs, and, judging by a half-kidding slash ALL-SERIOUS-LBR new Instagram video JB posted, bro is an honorary member of the team --  or at least he has a LARGE collection of jerseys.

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In the adorable Instagram video post, JB and a few pals explain that the Maple Leafs "haven't been doing great lately," but to have no fear, since JB and his pals were just drafted to the team! (Bieber DNA is clearly key to victory if you ask us). Along with the video, JB captioned, "Please Toronto Maple Leafs win the cup." And, like, since Beliebers will CLEARLY lose their collective ish if JB is unhappy about legit ANYTHING, we suggest that the Leafs tighten things up and effing win. Like, we're talking double practices on the weekends type of dedication.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram