Song Premiere: Neo Geo, 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'

Listen to Neo Geo's "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

Neo Geo refuse to conform on their new single, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

Orange County rockers Neo Geo might translate to "New Earth," but don't expect their music to sound like anything Enya wrote. Creating dark, synthy, guitar-heavy, No Doubt-meets-Paramore-meets-Evanescence tracks like "Sex Robot" and "Can't Catch Me" (best heard on their 2011 self-titled debut), the edgy five-piece outfit is back with a brand-new single, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," slated to appear on their forthcoming sophomore full-length, Digital DNA, dropping Oct. 22 on Hardline Entertainment.

Listen to Neo Geo's "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" after the jump.

Led by aggressive pop guitar hooks and accompanied by a prominent punk-flecked bassline, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" -- which has nothing (or very little?) to do with the 2005 movie of the same name -- features glass-shattering vocals from lead singer Rainy Terrell, who sings about molding into someone else's expectations of who she should be: "Sit up straight/ Be a good little girl/ Make sure you're quiet and well behaved/ Dress me in lace/ Place my head with a crown/ Make me thin till I'm turning blue/ We'll paint my nails pink and lavender/ Grab that dress let's examine her/ Till I'm starting to look like you."

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorites songs off the new record," said Terrell in a release. "It has dark melodies and catchy choruses and its message reminds me not to dwell on what other people think and just do what we do."

But we wouldn't waste much time worrying about Terrell's conforming into a stereotypically brainless, controlled pop star / beauty queen. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is teeming with way too much punk-rock IDGAF attitude for that. Something tells us that Terrell already attends and plans to graduate with honors from the Hayley Williams + Gwen Stefani Academy Of Being Yourself.

+ Listen to Neo Geo's "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

Photo credit: Kurt Hudson