New Song: Robin Thicke, 'Ooh La La'

Listen to Robin Thicke's "Feel Good"

Listen to Robin Thicke's soon-to-be-smash "Ooh La La."

At this point, it's like, another day, another INSANELY SICK Robin Thicke track off his Blurred Lines disc, dropping July 30! In case you've lost track and/or you're too deep in a Robin Thicke-induced haze to do basic arithmetic, we'll remind you that we've already heard Robin's "Blurred Lines (uh-DUH #bangerofthesummer), "Take It Easy On Me," "Go Stupid 4 U," "The Good Life," and most recently, "Feel Good." Now, the THREE-TIME 2013 MTV VMA nominee is back with yet another slick jam, "Ooh La La."

Listen to Robin Thicke's "Ooh La La" after the jump.

While we were all about Robin going a little more "Top 40" with "Blurred Lines" and even "Take It Easy On Me," in "Ooh La La" Robin brings it back to where it all started: FALSETTO. Set to summery, breezy, disco-tinged track, Robin seems right at home, grooving out to his own signature retro brand as he gently tells his lady that not only can she have his soul, but she can also have his Platinum Amex card (rejoice!): "You can have my money/ You can have my soul if you want it to." Soul AND access to the plastic?!? Where do we sign up?

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Photo credit: Interscope Records